Exploded view

Bear in mind the following instructions when searching for the exploded view of the equipment you want:

  1. Type in the model acronyms if we are looking for a BMGN2450 from 2018 (for example BMGN2450)
  2. You must select one from the different versions that appear: _1, _2_, _3, + and DP(??) (as the number is greater it is a more modern version, from 2009 to 2016, the new range is the 2017 + version, there may be models with gases R134, R404 .R290 and R600 and DP the most current version 2019 with the new gases R290 and R600. (following the example would be BMGN2450 +)

    The equipment prior to 2018 with refrigerant gas R134 and R404 used indistinctly the controller model 308×11 (Carel) or 308×27 (dixell) for refrigeration and the code 308×05 (Carel or Dixell) for freezing in the cutting only a single brand is listed, so it will be necessary to identify it before processing.

  3. To find the new parts of the new wall cabinets you must enter the code 902D __ (For example, for the range of ML_DG murals you must use the code 902D001_MLDG and for the range of MX_G2 murals you must use the code 902D028MXG2).
  4. The exploded view must be checked with the corresponding equipment, a good example is the type of controller that appears on the cabinet.

If you do not find the parts you need, contact the SAT department

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