Terms of sale


These conditions of sale will govern the relationship between INFRICO S.L. and the company and / or professional client (non-consumer), and replace any other term that appears in this or any other document unless specifically stated otherwise in writing and by a director of INFRICO S.L. Thus, these sales conditions cancel and exclude any other stipulation incorporated by the client, either in the order itself, or during any type of negotiation or commercial transaction in progress established between INFRICO S.L. and the client, constituting the full understanding between INFRICO S.L. and the client for the sale of the products of the former.

The information that appears in the catalogue, website or in any other medium of INFRICO S.L., is provided by the manufacturers of the respective products.

INFRICO S.L. is responsible for the obligations contained in the commercial offers it makes on its website, during its validity, and for all the conditions of sale, invoicing and delivery of products that are expressly or not in the contract between INFRICO S.L. and the customer.

The following conditions apply to all the companies of the Infrico group (from now on, INFRICO S.L.) indicated below:



  1. INFRICO S.L. will inform at all times of the price applicable to each product. The sale of the products will be carried out, in any case, for the price that appears on the website at the time of placing the order.
  2. The prices published on our website DO NOT INCLUDE VAT, which will be added in the shopping cart.


1.INFRICO S.L. will place orders based on customer request and will not substitute one product for another unless specifically instructed to do so, or unless the product has been replaced.

2.Subject to stock availability, the customer may place orders with no minimum quantity.

3.Whenever the payment of a complete order is made but, for various circumstances, the total quantity of products included in the order is not in stock, the quantity corresponding to the price of the products that cannot be supplied will be considered canceled and the corresponding amount will be re-entered in the customer’s bank account or in the account associated with the credit card used to pay the order.

  1. INFRICO S.L. reserves the right to deny access to the service, cancel any accounts and delete or modify any content in case the user fails to comply with current legislation, these Conditions of Sale or any other terms and conditions or applicable policies.


  1. Deliveries will be made to the delivery address indicated in the order, by the means of transport and carrier chosen by INFRICO S.L.
  2. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and are included in the invoice under the concept “Shipping”. Shipping costs will depend on the amount of the order, weight and other considerations to take into account in the delivery:
    • Orders over € 80 (VAT not included): FREE (peninsula and Balearic Islands)
    • Orders less than € 80 (VAT not included):
      • Through the website of https://spareparts.infrico.com: 5,5 €. (Peninsula and Balearic Islands)
      • By phone, fax or other means other than https://spareparts.infrico.com: 12 € (peninsula and Balearic Islands)
  1. In case of refusal to take over the goods made available to you under the agreed terms, the buyer must return to INFRICO S.L. the goods delivered, without any undue delay and, in any case, no later than within 30 calendar days. In addition, it must be done in the original packaging, including the corresponding manuals and original accessories, if any.
    In such case, the buyer will bear the direct costs of returning the goods.
    The buyer will be responsible for the decrease in value of the goods resulting from their manipulation other than that necessary to establish their nature, characteristics or operation corresponding to 20% of the value.
  1. In the event that an unscheduled order generated several deliveries, there may be a surcharge depending on the transport company used.
  2. When making the order request, it is assumed that the client knows and accepts the general conditions of sale that appear in our catalogue in force on the date of placing the order as well as those of the website https://spareparts.infrico.com.
  3. The packaging will never lead to an increase in the price of the material and no amount will be charged for the costs of preparing the orders.


  1. The expenses of IGIC (local tax) and Customs are not included in the total of the order, therefore, they will not appear reflected in the invoice. These expenses must be paid to the carrier at the time of delivery of the order.
  2. Orders for delivery in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla do not carry VAT. If the amount is reflected in your order confirmation, it will not be included in the invoice.
  3. The delivery time is approximately one week, subject to stock availability. The deadlines shown on the web are for orders with delivery in the peninsula.


Delivery time for spare parts in stock is 24-72 hours after receipt of order payment confirmation, subject to stock availability.


  1. THE CUSTOMER MUST INSPECT THE PRODUCTS coinciding with the delivery act and, in case of observing any defect in the products or in case of any other incident related to the supply made, including incomplete, erroneous delivery and non-delivery of one or more products contained in the order, you must notify INFRICO SL as detailed as possible, within a period not exceeding 24 hours in which case, the provisions of the clause “Returns and handling cost” will apply.
  2. If the client does not make such notification, it will be definitively assumed that the products are, in all respects, in accordance with the contract and free of any defect that is evident in a reasonable examination, and consequently, it will be considered that the customer has accepted the products.
  3. The client must reject the packages that are delivered damaged and justify it later with a photograph. Except in the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 3 of this clause, under no circumstances, INFRICO S.L. will have the obligation to compensate the customer for damages or for the lack of delivery or delay in delivery of all or part of the products whatever the reason, or for any consequential or other loss arising from the failure or delay in Delivery.


  1. The risk of loss or damage of the products will be transferred to the customer at the time of delivery, either to himself or from the carrier. On the contrary, the ownership of the products will not be transmitted to the client until all the sums due to INFRICO S.L. by the customer they have been paid.
  2. The non-payment of the amounts owed by way of price and expenses by the buyer will empower the seller to demand its fulfilment or to terminate the contract with compensation for damages. The lack of delivery of the good by the seller will give the buyer the same option.


  1. INFRICO S.L., after checking it, guarantees the replacement, repair or credit of the products supplied that do not meet the conditions under which they were sold, in the 12 months after delivery.
  2. The acceptance by INFRICO S.L. of the return of the material, will be conditioned to the fact that the products or parts to which the return refers are returned to INFRICO S.L. within said period, properly packed at the address that INFRICO S.L. has notified the customer in writing at the time of delivery. The return form must be duly completed and notified to the corresponding email or sent through the web.
  3. For these purposes, INFRICO S.L. declares that his professional activity is aimed at businessmen or professionals and never at end consumers. For this reason, the catalog, website or any other promotional material prepared by INFRICO S.L. It is understood to be addressed exclusively to this group that, when ordering, wishes to obtain supplies for business and / or professional reasons, and never as a consumer.
  4. The manufacturers of the products marketed by INFRICO S.L. They are responsible for their defects, lack of correspondence with the specifications or samples, as well as for the injuries or damages that they may have caused.
  5. INFRICO conveys to its customers the manufacturers’ warranty policy for the products it markets.
  6. In no case do they assume any responsibility for damages caused by improper use of the product or by the installation of these by unqualified personnel. In no case are labour costs covered.


  1. Unless otherwise stated, electrical specifications represent safe operating limits. Dimensions and other physical characteristics are subject to customary business tolerances. The customer will be responsible for ensuring that the product they have purchased is suitable for their project or application. INFRICO S.L. recommends that the customer verify the dimensions and other data published in this catalog along with future stock availability before incorporating products into designs and any other critical applications or purposes.
  2. The technical information service of INFRICO S.L. will be available to the client to advise them on these and other matters related to the use of the products.
  3. The information that INFRICO provides on its website related to each of its products, are the official information of the manufacturers of these that are responsible for their authenticity and for any damages that may arise from their inaccuracy or error.
  4. When the customer intends to supply the products to any other person, the customer will ensure that no warning, label, instruction, manual, or any other information regarding the products or their products has been lost or damaged in any way. use, while in their possession or under their control, and that they will be supplied with the products when they are no longer in their possession or under their control.


Along with the delivery of all products (delivery notes) INFRICO S.L. attaches a Declaration of Conformity with Quality. The delivered products will comply with the specifications published in the current catalogue of INFRICO S.L., and with the quality standards of the Distributor Registry according to BSI in ISO 9001-2000 nº FS 61501, unless other information is specified.


Payments for the Products will be made in one of the following ways:

  1. By BBVA VIRTUAL POS with any of the cards accepted by said means of payment (VISA, MASTER CARD…)


  1. The client must always request from INFRICO S.L. a return number, which must appear on the label of the package to be returned. Whatever the cause of the return, the product (s) must be returned in their original packaging and condition. INFRICO S.L. It will indicate to the client the procedure to follow for the processing of its return.
  2. In the case of return due to withdrawal or error by the customer, the customer must return the product (s) within thirty (30) days of receipt of the material. The return shipping costs will be borne by the customer. During the return process, the customer is responsible for any loss or damage of the product (s). 20% of depreciation will be applied to handling and management costs. Merchandise arriving freight due will not be accepted.
  3. In the case of return due to an error attributable to INFRICO S.L., the customer must return the product (s) within 14 DAYS after receiving the material. Both the shipping costs of the defective product and the new replacement product will be borne by INFRICO S.L.
  4. The assignment of a return number does not imply the acceptance of this by INFRICO S.L. Acceptance is subject to inspection of the material by the qualified staff of INFRICO S.L., after receiving the returned package.
  5. Total or partial cancellations of an order can only be accepted after prior negotiation and after agreeing compensation to INFRICO S.L. for all expenses incurred. In case of partial cancellation, INFRICO S.L. reserves the right to invoice any difference in the sale price applicable to the amount delivered at the time of cancellation.
  6. No return will be accepted without the material return request form having been previously filled out, and without any INFRICO employee giving consent to said return.
  7. The payments corresponding to returns will be made once the material has been checked, and always according to the sale prices indicated on the delivery note.

In order to process your return correctly, please fill out the following form and send it to us at repuestos@infrico.com
Download return form. pdf azul infrico


In compliance with Royal Decree 106/2008, of February 1, on batteries and accumulators and the environmental management of your waste, we inform you that the sale price of batteries, accumulators and batteries includes the cost of the environmental management of your waste.

Environmental protection is one of our main lines of action. Therefore, during the thirty days after the delivery of the order, our client may request through our customer service, the collection service of the old electrical and electronic device, in order to incorporate it into our Decontamination Management System and recycling (NIRI 3457)


  1. The reproduction, in whole or in part, of our catalogues and Web pages is strictly prohibited, without the prior written consent of INFRICO.
  2. INFRICO reserves the right to vary without prior notice any of the references, prices, descriptions or characteristics of its products that it manufactures or markets and that appear in our catalogues.
  3. INFRICO declines all responsibility for improper use of the product or inappropriate circumstances in the use of these, both with the buyer and with third parties.
  4. All the brands present in our catalogues are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
  5. INFRICO S.L. will not be held responsible for the delay, cancellation or inability to deliver any order. In particular, and although INFRICO S.L. will use all reasonable efforts to deliver orders on the established date, in no case will it be held responsible for delays, cancellations or inability to deliver said products.
  6. Export:
    • These conditions do not apply to export transactions, for which there are different sales conditions.
    • In the event that the products supplied are exported directly by the customer, the customer will be exclusively responsible for obtaining any necessary license and for complying with any export regulations in force in Spain and in the country for which it is intended. the merchandise, without INFRICO SL assume any responsibility in the case of re-export by the customer of our products to third parties in breach of the applicable export law.
    • All the materials supplied by INFRICO S.L. they may require prior authorization for export.
  1. In the event of litigation, the courts of Lucena will be the only competent courts and to which both parties submit with waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond.