You can find your company code on one of Infrico’s invoices in the customer section, that number is unique and non-transferable for each customer.

To create an account you can contact us at the email and we will verify internally the option to create an account.

We are working to incorporate the largest number of spare parts on the web, to facilitate ordering these. In the meantime, you can search for your part in the spare parts library and in the parts rate and request it in the mail

You should check if your name and your customer code are correct. It must also include a password with a HIGH security level (must include Lowercase, Uppercase, number and symbol.

Prices are available for registered customers and with a verified account at Infrico.

If you are a client of the Infrico Group, we must check and create an Infrico client code, contact us to verify the data in the mail:

If you still have any doubts

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Phone: +34 957 51 14 68

Spare parts
Phone: +34 957 51 14 68

Aftersales Service
Phone: +34 957 59 51 16